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In its straight to the point term the packaging is the thing that represents your product. In its even more serious meaning it is “graffic print issue in tape, section or voucher of a product with description and manufacturer information, name, way of conservation, date of production, contents, standard, expiry date, usage etc”

For us in DIGA Line the packages are not only that oldfashioned, dry and lacking emotion description... They are that business card that catches the user, makes him want and buy exactly your product. We are able to create everything from primary idea to end product – unique and special, exactly like you.

From standard, recycled or non-conventional materials. Produced like a single label. Uniform or with completely in-ordinary shape and idea... The packages are not less important for your business than the product itself. We know all that and work together with you on one goal – improvement and gradual development of your business.